Future work

Eternal media and promotion in the near future will be engaged in the following projects to satify and enhance our customers satifactions. When providing this new services we have the neccessary knowledge and equipments to deliver a quality projects. These are our list of future projects.

TV Program


Eternal Media and Promotion is the innovative film, video and television production house in Ethiopia. Innovative because we use the latest cutting edge equipment, best methods and newest techniques to produce content that gets stunning results for our customers.

Magazine Design


Eternal media will be ready to help out in whatever capacity you might need us. Almost all of our magazine design clients have us continue to produce their ongoing issues, and we like to think of ourselves as tried-and-true, long-term partners in the success of our clients’ publishing ventures.

Stereoscopic 3D Production


Stereoscopic is a technique for creating or enhancing the illusion of depth in an image by means of stereopsis for binocular vision. Most stereoscopic methods present two offset images separately to the left and right eye of the viewer. These two-dimensional images are then combined in the brain to give the perception of 3D depth.

Event Ogranizing


Eternal media and promotion is knowadays building state of the art solution for concert live visual performance using an industurla leading equpement to satify our customers and introducing the techonolgy to be invoked at different levels of events.

Tourism project


Tourism in Ethiopia is excedding with many tour and travel agencyies attracting tourist to visit our heritages and cultures. In this prospect we need a quality promotion to show tourists what makes our country unique. At this digital era Eternal media and promotion is developing a presentaion tool to help tourism grow and spreed inforamtion of our heritage in a more delicate manner.

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