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ArchViz Interactive

ArchViz interactive is the application that shows the architectural design of the house in different navigation and customization modes. It is the state of the art promotion system in the real estate business. It provides keyboard, mouse or joystick driven interaction that is used to link the virtual 3D environment with the end user. It also includes the GUI (Graphical User Interface) that makes the virtual environment more attractive and provides ease of understanding to the end user.

Some of the design specification that is associated with this product is listed below.

  • Five modes of detail design review system that are Blue Print, Standard, Section, Walkthrough and Site Layout modes.
  • Photo realistic rendering.
  • Navigation using Keyboard, mouse, joystick or HUDs (Heads up Displays).
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface) for menus, panels, to display different information
  • Fully or partially furnished house designs based on the customers specification
  • Attractive environmental design in walkthrough mode
  • Color and texture customizable walls and floors.
  • Additional design description in the form of text, image and video
  • Hardware accelerated Stereoscopic Image Enhancement depending on the hardware specification of the computer.
  • Customizable for touch screens and tablets.

This and many more tools have been incorporated in this application to satisfy the need for a new technologically advanced presentation tool.

Clients: Hassanies realestate, Yotek realestate, Gift realestate
ArchViz CRM/Customer realationshiop managment

ArchViz CRM is designed specifically for real estate professionals and helps you manage all aspects of your business and clients. Manage all your contacts, transactions and marketing with a single tool. Whether you are new to real estate or experienced, are on your own or have a multi-layered team, ArchViz CRM is adaptable to your needs and can do it all.

Being desktop based, ArchViz CRM is quicker and easier to use than most web-based systems you might have seen or used. Plus, your data stays on your computer and only you have access to it. This keeps critical data and valuable client information in your hands. With all of our software, you will always own and control your data. 

Key features include:

  • Contact manager
  • Registering and importing registered customers from ArchViz Interactive.
  • Customer contact follow up
  • Printing and exporting customer details to pdf and excel.
  • To do List with notification and status reporting.
  • Calendar to add events, View to do lists and appointments.
  • Charts to display and print reports in graphical mode.
  • Notification to notify the user to the latest events to do lists and appointments. 
  • Search and Filter to search contacts to do lists and other data.
Note that this application is developed as per your specification and requirement.

Graphics are used to target the most dominant human sense. Therefore, it is imperative that they are designed well and with the right goals in mind. Carefully designed and well-placed graphics in promotional materials can be used to subtly and effectively influence the viewer in the intended way.

Graphics design can be used to deliver information directly, or they can be used to direct the viewer's attention to other parts of the promotional material. Proper and effective use of graphics requires a firm grasp of design principles as well as marketing principles.

At Eternal Media and promotion, we design with a marketing perspective. Our creations are not only visually appealing but they also satisfy the marketing goals of our clients.

This are the list of major categories that are company is working on at  the time:-

Logo Design

Your company logo design is quite possibly your most important marketing artifact. It is on all of your marketing materials /collaterals and it is an essential part of brand-building.

We can create a logo for you that will reflect the goals you have and the image you desire.

One way to make your logo design more memorable is to animate it. For example, ETV and many governmental agencies uses animated logos in their television ads very effectively. Animated logos can also be very effective on your website.

This are the list of major categories that are company is working at the time:-

Print and Ad Media

We can design flyers, brochures, paper ads and other print materials /marketing collaterals for all your promotional uses.

We can also design Standard & custom size banner ads, Animated banner ads, Interactive banner ads, Popup ads for use on the Internet.

Keep in mind that professionally designed materials will effectively help you achieve your goals, whereas amateur design will only tarnish your image.

This are the list of major categories that are company is working at the time:-

GUI (Graphic User Interface) Designs

A good GUI (Graphic User Interface) Design can make a powerful Software or application easy and intuitive to operate. For a Graphic User Interface (GUI) to be easy to use, it must be visually uncomplicated and well structured. We create distinct interfaces that are simple, natural to use, build brand awareness, and sell products.

Important GUI (Graphic User Interface) Designs Rules & Guidelines:
  • "Ease of Use" - Simplify your interface to make using your software or web site a breeze.
  • "Flow" - Design your software to have a natural evolution from each step.
  • "Visual Stimulation" - Blending colors and design to be pleasing to the user.
  • "Consistency"- A pattern of familiarity designed throughout your product.
  • "Ease of Navigation"- Design that encourages the user to investigate further.

The key to success in today's market is not just providing premier quality services but also to market the qualities in the best possible manner. It is here that multimedia presentations add the cutting edge to your image, making your company appear suave and techno savvy in addition to a quality service provider. Corporate multimedia presentations ensure that your premier quality also gets premier attention. The colorful animations, pictures with audio and visual effects fascinate the audience and trigger attention to a greater degree.

Effective promotional presentations bring life to your products and services, and enable you to give prospects an in-depth look at your company at their convenience.

We provide professional corporate presentation services for conferences, meetings and trade shows. Our Eternal media and promotion Solutions are carved using the today’s technology and tomorrow's ideas to help you make the impressive first and lasting impression that's crucial to the success of your business. 

Our list of Corporate Multimedia services includes:

Presentation on Visiting Card Size CD ROM (CD presentation)

Eternal Media and promotion develops interactive multimedia presentations using Flash animation. Multimedia and Flash presentations can be distributed on CD ROM or sent via email. Instead of a business card, hand out a Visiting card size CD ROM with an interactive presentation and your contact details.

Presentations - screen based

 If you are running short of time then we can turn your speaker notes or product imagery into a memorable presentation. We can create corporate presentations in the following formats.

  • Powerpoint
  • Dynamic Flash (Audio/visual)
  • Dynamic Director (Audio/Visual)

Presentations for Trade shows & Exhibitions

We can create self running screen shows (Presentations & Event Collaterals for Trade shows ,Event’s & Exhibitions) that can also switch to interactive mode in order to discuss your products and services on the day.

Interactive Sales & Marketing Presentations

You know your product or service delivers tangible value to your customers, but convincing them is not an easy task. Let your customers convince themselves. Interactive Sales Presentation & Marketing Presentations are engaging online questionnaires that ask your customers questions and deliver real-time customized responses focused on showing your product's value based on your customer's answer.

  • Corporate Video Film
  • Video Presentation Development



  • Tweets

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