Geospatial Investment Mapping: Unveiling Ethiopia’s Economic Potential

In an effort to usher in an era of economic revival, the Ethiopian government has been proactive in consolidating investment opportunities from across the nation into a single, accessible hub. This initiative aims to entice investors interested in Ethiopia’s burgeoning investment landscape. The Ethiopian Investment Commission, a frontrunner in this domain, has collaborated with the Eternal Media team to enhance data gathering and improve the way investment opportunities are presented.

Eternal Media’s interactive department has meticulously crafted an app designed to transform the landscape of investment opportunities. The initial stage of development focused on nationwide data collection, organization, and standardization. The Eternal Media research team worked closely with regional investment offices to ensure the data was not only current and high-quality but also organized in real-time to meet the standards set by both the government and the Eternal team. The subsequent phase involved devising a state-of-the-art presentation system, capable of integrating technological advancements and allowing for future expansion. This led to the creation of a geolocation-based interactive data visualization tool, which neatly presents all investment data by geographic location. The app serves as a geocentric platform that spotlights key investment zones and sectors throughout Ethiopia, offering a holistic and engaging experience for prospective investors by integrating various sectors seamlessly.

  • Strategy

    Data Collection, Research & Insight, Interactive Application, Interactive Presentation System

  • Client

    Ethiopian Investment Commission