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Our company is a one-stop shop that offers diverse event and communication solutions to help brands stand out and achieve their bottom line objectives.
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Our philosophy is designing events
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Service Spectrum

We take pride in providing world-class service to each and every one of our clients, big and small. As a result, our services are divided into three categories:

Corporate Event

Eternal Media is well known for its dedicated team work and excellence of production under diverse and difficult situations. Our team has gained a tremendous amount of confidence and trust form our esteemed corporates clients making us to be the number one destination for their event. Our team always make sure to take utmost caution in bringing life to your brand as well as your audience by advocating your values and objective in the most memorable way.

Conference, Seminar and Workshop

We provide a professional conference management services. Our team specializes in managing both technical and nontechnical aspect of a conference, seminar and workshop along with the creative, yet competitive, Set Design and Creation services.

Trade show and Exhibition

We not only create customized booth designs, but formulate strategy to ensure our clients message is delivered seamlessly to their audience. Whether its a custom designed trade show or a fully decked-out exhibit, our team design ideas to deliver a truly stunning environment that can help to build a relationship with potential customers.

Product Launch

From building a hype to attracting new customers, our team intensively works to create excitement that runs deep and appeals to a larger, more diverse audience. Whether it’s a live or virtual event, our team will provide a cohesive story to make your audience leave with a lasting impression and surge for your brand.

Media and Press Meeting

From press briefings, photo-calls, article development to organizing press conferences, our team provides a detailed Media and press meeting for any event. Our team has developed a good relationship with the finest Media outlets in and outside Addis Ababa.

Entertainment Event

We make it our priority to understand our client’s objectives, goal and scope to create a memorable and unique experience for their audience. As a result, our staff gives each project the same level of care and detail, ensuring that every project is within its best reach. The best visuals and technological tools are always used to help maximize our execution and impress the invited audience.

Concert and Gigs

Our team creates customized visuals that are merged with new ideas and technology to make each event unique, memorable, and engaging for both the audience and the clients. Our technical potential to provide new immersive ideas and human resource make us your number one choose for your event.

Variety Shows

Whether it’s a fashion show or another type of event, our team strives to give a bespoke service that makes each event or show unique to your objectives. With this in mind, our staff is constantly brainstorming innovative ideas to take your event to the next level.

Celebrity and Artist management

Eternal media thinks that authenticity is crucial to achieving the perfect appearance, so we manage and recruit artists and celebrities as needed for your event. Our team will ensure that the entertainment at your event is of the highest quality.


Whether it be an honoring program, awards ceremonies or gala dinners, our team has paced their way to be the greater destination for your choice. Our team has managed a numerous parties, enabling them to have a handful experience to execute yours with ease.


We take pride in providing each and every one of our clients with excellent service.
Our team has over 13+ years
experience in the creative industry
and has risen to the top in event
management and production service.
Together, let's create an unforgettable experience.

We will make sure that your event is memorable and respectful of the event industry by drawing on our extensive knowledge and the most cutting-edge technologies.

Our concept is based on the fact that our professionals are passionate about creating, learning, and developing as a team, which enables us to find the best technological solutions you need for your event.

This is also supported by the modern, cutting-edge equipment we have purchased, making us the only agency with a comprehensive inventory of event production tools on hand.


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