Event Solution Featured March 15, 2023

55th sessions of Conference of Ministers 2023

The fifty-fifth session of the Economic Commission for Africa consists of a preparatory meeting of the Committee of Experts of the Conference of African Ministers of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, followed by the ministerial segment of the Conference. In addition to considering the statutory matters of the Commission, the Conference is one of the premier forums on the continent for dialogue and exchanges of views among African ministers responsible for finance, planning and economic development and governors of central banks on issues pertinent to the development agenda of Africa.

Eternal Media took part in this major continental event on handling all the AV, Conference and streaming technology that was required for all the sessions held at the skylight hotel for 10 days. The main event was held at the main hall for 800 people where we have provided the stage setup which was suitable for bot in room conference and live audience engagement. The stage was accompanied with 16 m by 3 m P2.9 LED screen that was blended with custom banner giving visually appealing look. For the attendees we have partnered with Gonsin Digital Conference System which was pioneer in high level conferences to provide interpretation and conference system accommodating all the participants in the room.

As the discussion was interpreted in 4 languages, eternal media was also providing the streaming technologies for the international audience to follow the meeting in their preferred languages. The challenging part on this conference was the amount of live feed we had to provide in different languages in order to get a synchronized interpretation, live broadcast and signal distribution for local screens. We have created the best signal routing system which handled more than 10 live AV streaming seasons perfectly.

Eternal Media is proud to provide our event technology solution for the Conference of Ministers 2023 held at skylight Hotel.

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