Branding & Creative October 11, 2022

Brand Development for Nile Source PLC

To achieve success, a company must prioritize its branding and promotional efforts by investing in elements such as a compelling logo, an engaging company profile, and effective brand guidelines.

Nile Source PLC is an Ethiopian-based venture engaged in import, export, tire retreading, freight transport, and mixed-use building businesses. It imports and distributes high-quality, different-size car tires, batteries, rice, and edible oil. Export trade includes coffee, sesame seeds, Niger seeds, and pulses.

Our creative design team at Eternal recently collaborated with Nile Sources to enhance their branding. Our team put their effort into creating an alluring image for the company. We were successfully contributed to logo development, company profiles, brand guidelines, and promotional and communication material design. The output was exceptionally captivating.


Logo Design, Branding Guideline Development, Promotional Items Design