Annual report for Norwegian Church AID

Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) is a humanitarian organization dedicated to providing global assistance and support to communities in need. With over 50 years of experience, NCA addresses various challenges, including poverty, injustice, and inequality.

NCA collaborated with Eternal, for their 2023 annual report. Eternal was responsible for designing the report, creating engaging infographics, captivating doodle art, and managing the overall project.

Eternal effectively captured NCA’s impactful work and translated it into a visually stunning report. They incorporated essential information, statistics, and success stories to convey the organization’s mission and achievements.

Additionally, Eternal was entrusted with organizing NCA’s grand 50th-anniversary celebration. This milestone event commemorated NCA’s remarkable journey and its significant contributions to global humanitarian efforts.

  • Strategy

    Event managment, LED Screen

  • Design

    Layout design, Infographics, Doodle art

  • Client

    Norwegian Church AID