Social Media Content for Zinzula Wine

Zinzula Rose of the Italian Altemura Winery (Altemura Zinzula Rosato Salento) is a Light and bright pink color having a clear floral aromas that one can also notice spiced nuances of pink pepper, fresh turmeric and ginger. The palate is also refined but with a prominent dryness, a tight and delicate body, and a fresh fruity ending. The 20 years old trading company, NHY Trading, introduced  Zinzula to the local market for the first time in ethiopia which has become one of the best choices for the wine lovers.

In order to penetrate the liquor market and see the feedback from audiences response, Eternal media was provided the task to develop a series of social media campaigns and manage the placement according to the response of each content. For the production, we have used the newly appointed brand manager Hannan Tarik which made the produced content to reach plenty of viewers in short time making the campaign successful and engaging at the same time.


Crafting the narrative that will articulate the product's look and feel and produce the content in utmost production quality.

  • Strategy

    AV Production

  • Client

    NHY Trading