UNECA Project – GAVI

The majority of Ethiopians still do not consider the registration of births, deaths, and marriages to be routine. This initiative was started with the intention of improving and standardizing the registration of significant events in Ethiopia. Additionally, it develops a plan to raise awareness of important events and encourage people to register for them. There was an urgent need to raise awareness of the need of recording important occurrences, and this message needed to reach all parties in languages they could understand.

Illustrated and instructive sketches were created in 4 distinct languages to address all regions of the nation. Additionally, the campaign’s promotional materials were created. The creative concept development was carried out by the Eternal Media Communication and Branding team throughout the entire project in order to produce an illustrative presentation system that could be easily adapted to any local language in Ethiopia. Additionally, we have offered copywriting and translation services for all the accompanying communication materials in the required languages.

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    UNICEF & FDRE Ministry of Health

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