25th Anniversary of Hibret Bank Event Management & Production Service

Hibret Bank is one of the Pioneer Private Banks in Ethiopia. Hibret is founded with the underlying rationale that values diversity. The founding shareholders were enterprising Ethiopians from all walks of life that combined and committed their resources to establish the Bank. The name “Hibret” is an Amharic word for collaboration and synergy.

This year marked a significant milestone for Hibret Bank as they celebrated their 25th anniversary in a grand manner. To commemorate the occasion, they partnered with Eternal Media and Communication, an event management company, to organize a remarkable celebration. The festivities included a captivating 10-day photo exhibition and a special event held at Sheraton Addis. The event featured impressive screens, banners, documentation, and a comprehensive program. The collaborative efforts of all involved brought great joy and satisfaction.

  • Strategy

    Event Planning, Event Management, Ushering

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    Hibret Bank