Branding & Creative May 18, 2022

A Path to a Healthy Life

In today’s world, the significance of cleanliness cannot be overstated when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Diseases caused by unclean environments have become a widespread concern globally, making it crucial for individuals to prioritize personal hygiene and cleanliness in their daily lives.

Recognizing the importance of this issue, international health aid organizations like UNICEF are actively working to raise awareness worldwide. One of the regions where UNICEF has made significant strides in promoting cleanliness is Ethiopia, specifically within various districts.

UNICEF has taken an innovative approach in Ethiopia, collaborating with religious leaders to emphasize the significance of handwashing. By incorporating biblical and Quranic teachings, these religious figures have played a pivotal role in disseminating awareness about the importance of cleanliness. Eternal Media and Communication, a proud partner of UNICEF, has actively contributed to this initiative by providing support in design &Layout and illustration.

Through these combined efforts, the message of cleanliness and hygiene reaches a wider audience, fostering a culture of cleanliness within communities. By engaging religious leaders and utilizing their influence, UNICEF and its partners aim to create a lasting impact and inspire individuals to prioritize cleanliness in their everyday lives.

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