Branding & Creative August 15, 2023

Empowering Girls Through Menstrual Awareness

In the realm of menstrual wisdom, some girls ride the crimson wave with the sense of delight. But in a contrary world, those who are oblivious its natural rhythm, find themselves caught in whirlpool of embarrassment and inconvenient. Its like dancing a funky beat while others are stuck in clumsy twosteps. The absence of awareness and comprehension regarding menstruation gives rise to detrimental consequences. One such consequence is the prevalence of early marriages, which goes against ethical principles. Moreover, the burden of shame and embarrassment that many girls bear in relation to their periods hinders their access to education, depriving them of valuable opportunities for growth and development.

To address these issues, UNICEF, the world’s largest international organization that deals with children’s issues and works in more than 190 countries in the field of health and nutrition, education, protection, and access to equal opportunities for all children, has partnered with Eternal Media to create awareness about menstruation. Through the collaboration of our talented designers and writers, we aim to create comic books that educate and empower girls and their communities. By providing accurate information and promoting open conversations, we hope to break the stigma surrounding menstruation and ensure that every girl can confidently pursue her education without any hindrance.

The comic book is about “Tesfanesh’s Journey to Period Positivity,” a captivating comic book that chronicles the tale of Tesfanesh, a young girl who initially faces challenges attending classes due to her period. Overwhelmed by embarrassment and shame, she chooses to stay away. However, through the wisdom shared by her friends and the unwavering support of her brother, Tesfanesh embarks on a transformative journey. Together, they challenge their family’s outdated beliefs by spreading awareness and understanding. Empowered by this newfound knowledge, Tesfanesh gains confidence and fearlessly returns to her classroom, ready to embrace her education once again. The comic book serves as a powerful tool to raise awareness among those who experience embarrassment surrounding menstruation. It also aims to dispel traditional misconceptions that associate menstruation with backwardness, offering a fresh perspective and promoting understanding.

Eternal Media and Communication is delighted to be part of this collaborative effort aimed at raising awareness about menstruation and fostering a well-organized society. We find great satisfaction in contributing to initiatives that promote understanding and support for menstrual health.

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