Audio & Video June 3, 2019

Aevo’s Avocado Farm and the benefit for the local farmers in Ethiopia

AEVO is a young, family-run company with professional expertise in avocado oil extraction based in South Asian and the Ethiopian Region. AEVO is the newest member of a multi-diverse group, with an experience of 7 decades Heritage Company dealing in the publishing & distribution of Education Books in Central Asia and MENA region. To promote sustainability, AEVO strengths are proximity to the source, world class oil processing, European technology, professional expertise and an organized value chain system.

Eternal Media was requested to developed a documentary video that will be used for their marketing purpose and to distribute it to their stakeholders. This video Show case AEVO activity in Ethiopia and how the company helped the local farmers and the local economic putting a bold mark in the countries agricultural economy.


To develop a Video starting from selecting the people to interview up to shooting the farm and processing unit.

  • Strategy

    Script Writing, AV Production, Translation, Sound Composing

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Art Direction

  • Client

    Envato Market

Open Project