Activation June 3, 2019

Industry Park Workers Recruitment Activation Program

Hawassa Industrial Park (HIP), one of the largest industrial parks in the country, covering 400 hectare employed more than 30,000 workers excluding staff and service providers who reside in the compound. As there are a lot of shades that are occupied by different brands HIP requires around 65,000 workers to work in full force which requires for a high worker sourcing strategy to meet the worker demand. Enterprise Partners (EP) which funded by UK Aid developed 12 catchment areas around Hawassa city in order to recruit workers who meet the entrance criteria and want to join the Industry park.

Eternal Media’s below the line (BTL) team developed a month long road show in selected catchment woredas such as Aleta Wando, Wolayta and Hadiya in order to motivate the young’s people living in the area to work along side their peers in the Park by showing them the benefits and personal growth they will get while working in the park. The activation team used girls who have been working in the park and been promoted to team lead or supervisor position as brand ambassadors so that they can share their knowledge and experience. The team also used games and mobile musical band to entertain the young people while they are interacting with the brand managers.


Develop Road activation and design activities that will attract the young workforce in the region.

  • Strategy

    BTL Strategy, Roadshow Planning, Promotional Material Development, Program Reporting, AV Production, Brand Management

  • Design

    Graphics Design, Sound Composing, Activation

  • Client

    Enterprise Partners (EP)