Grand View Real Estate Digital Marketing

The award-winning Real Estate having landmark mixed-use development located in Bole sub-district, a prime area in Addis Ababa City. Comprising an intricate mix of living, shopping, working, leisure and visiting, the project’s palatial design embraces light and shadow, rising over the city to create a silk lining of architectural marvel. As their properties are marketed for the high end clients in Addis, they chose the digital marketing platforms the main gateway to attracting their target customers where they choose Eternal media digital marketing department on their monthly marketing activity.

Thew digital marketing department developed a year long digital marketing strategy which is based in the major social media outlets such as fakebook, Instagram and Twitter where different type of contents were developed on weekly bases diversifying the content type depending on the result gathered at the end of each week on the audience behavior.


Digital Strategy Development, Social Media Management, Creative Content Development, Digital Media Monitoring, AD Boosting

  • Strategy

    Design, Stratagy Development, Photo Shoot, AV Production

  • Client

    Grandview Addis Real Estate