Activation February 24, 2022

Behavioral Change Communication for Industry Workers

As Ethiopia is transitioning from agriculture lade to industry lade economy, different type of industry zones started to become operational in the country owned by either local private investors or international manufacturing  brands. Most of these investors join the already built industry zones in different part of the country to manufacture their brands or products by hiding local talents and workers. one of the many problems that the investors are currently facing is related to productivity and production rate which is mostly related to the workers efficiency, trainability and quality of manufacturing ability.

In order to improve the skills and attitude towards the work that they do, First consult funded by Mastercard Foundation awarded Eternal Media to develop a behavioral changing program where the workers in the manufacturing industries can be trained to increase their skills and attitude towards their work and have a vision to change their lives while being productive on their daily jobs.


We developed a 7 series video training tool that is composed of video modules, flash card and presenter board. we have started out by developing a dramatic story telling scripts where the workers can see themselves inside each story that was divided into 7 titles depending on the tasks that we need to address them. additional to the video modules, we developed a presenter board where as their trainer telk about the important points per each epsoid he will use the double sided presenter card where at the front where the trainee's see will have some of the illustration about the points that the trainer is speaking while the back side of the presenter board contains the same illustration together with the taking points for the tranier which will help him to not miss the important points. the thrid tool on this program is a flash card where it will be distributed to the workers after the traning program which will help them to memorise some of the main points in each epsoid in quize mode. the flash card contains an illustration at the front which challenges the worker to guess what the illustration represents. at the back side of the flash card there is the answer for the front side of image to give the answer right away.

  • Strategy

    3D Animated Series, Training manual, Behavioral Change Program, Illustration, Design & Print, Brand Development

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    First Consult

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