Launching Event and Promotional Video for Ahadu Bank

The newest player in the banking sector in Ethiopia, Ahadu Bank S.C., has raised 800 million ETB in paid capital from 8000 shareholders. They organized a launching ceremony and invited the shareholders as well as VIP guests from various service industries to commemorate their first day of operation and the inauguration of their first office in the heart of Addis.

Eternal Media drew inspiration for one of their initial commercials from the mission and core values of their company, which they then used as the basis for their teaser campaign on social media. We also had the honor of taking part in their inaugural event, which was planned by one of our event partners, INAD Promotion, and they tasked us with handling the visual integration and creative content development work.

  • Strategy

    LED Screen Rental, Sound System Setup, Motion Graphics Development, Video Commercial

  • Client

    Ahadu Bank S.C