Event Solution Featured September 23, 2021

Ethio Telecom’s 5G Network Launch Event

Ahead of competition from new entrants, Ethio Telecom launched a 5G mobile phone service on May 9. 5G is seen as crucial for emerging technologies like self-driving cars and enables communication and interconnectivity between smart devices. It will provide data speeds at least 20 times faster than 4G. As the official event partner for Ethio Telecom, Eternal Media developed the stage arrangement and oversaw the creation of all the content. the team then constructed the entire stage, truss, and LED screen at the Sheraton Addis Hotel.

High officials and invited guests from many sectors attended the event, and they were also the first to witness the benefits of having a 5G network in action as they were being shown by Ethiopian telecom personnel. In addition to the stunning stage design and launching ceremony, equipment including human-like robots and automation systems were displayed at the event to give it the greatest appearance.

  • Strategy

    Stage Design & Construction, AV Production, Live Switching, Holographic Projection, Interactive Floor

  • Client

    Ethio Telecom