Event Solution February 24, 2022

Zoya Monthly Event

One of the activities that Link up Addis started was Zoya, which has been held the first week of every month for the past 12 months. They conduct an event that is well known for presenting new DJs and producers from Ethiopia and beyond. Numerous devoted admirers of Zoya attend every event as it is planned since they don’t want to miss it. This causes it to expand because there are always well-known DJs on the lineups, necessitating the use of a second stage to accommodate everyone.

Linkup Addis and Eternal Media’s event team collaborated to help with event production, particularly with designing and providing the essential event materials for the main stage and managing live visualization and light design during the event. Eternal Media is pleased to join with Linkup Addis, and together, the two companies will undoubtedly keep the momentum going.

  • Strategy

    Stage design, LED screen Setup, Live Visualization, Visual Content Design, Live switching and Content integration

  • Client

    Linkup Addis

Open Project