Event Solution Featured February 24, 2022

Huawei Ethiopia Partners Summit 2022 Agenda

In order to strengthen the bonds between its partners, Huawei global hosted a number of events under the title Huawei Partners Summit 2022 Agenda in the major African towns. The event was held in Ethiopia at the Hilton Hotel and participants and visitors were given demonstrations of various Huawei-powered technologies. Management teams also gave presentations on the company’s future goals and some of the advantages that partners have when working with their brand. During the occasion, which encouraged businesses to collaborate with Huawei on upcoming projects, the long-term partners in Ethiopia were also recognized.

With Huawei Ethiopia, Eternal Media is pleased to have collaborated on the planning and execution of this event. We created the space to best reflect the brand’s appearance and feel. Prior to the event date, the event flow design was created to account for every part of the event and ensure a seamless implementation of the event. In order to facilitate the presenters’ contact with the audience, we have also given them visual integration tools. In collaboration with Huawei PR and Media Department, Eternal Media is honored to host this incredible event.

  • Strategy

    Event Management, Event flow Design, LED screen Rental, Sound System Setup, Branding element Production, Venue Decor

  • Client

    Huawei Ethiopia

  • Production

    Design Sprints, Documentation

  • Platforms

    Desktop, iOS

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