Audio & Video Web & Digital February 24, 2022

Online Teaching Portal for GIZ

As part of the move to minimize the spread of COVID 19 in Ethiopia, the government have taken major steps to avoid gathering of people, with this almost all educational facility is closed and students are facing a hard time to get education in the formal process as they used too.

In this regard, GIZ in association with Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MOSHE) contracted our company to develop an online learning platform which can be installed in the University and TVETs server which will provide an interactive course and learning tool for the students. the online learning platform will also provide the teachers and lecturers to monitor the student’s activity as they follow each module and answer the interactive quizzes.

In this prototype project, Eternal Media developed 4 different Courses containing different chapters. The production was made in Eternal media Studio where the production was held according to the rules and regulations set by ministry of Health to reduce the transmition of COVID 19. To this end the Production team developed a live switching gear using centrally controlled camera setups which minimized the number of people present in the production studio during the live production. As the editing was made live, it also reduced the amount of post production time that a normal production process would have taken.

  • Strategy

    Interaction Design, Live Editing, AV Production, Presentation Management

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    Product Design, Prototyping

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